DM Stith

"Waving 1"

A series of memories set to the longform vocal composition of "Waving 1." Haunting, ethereal and often melancholy sweet.

The Prudish Few

"Kinder Climes"

A song about the paranoia of a crumbling society set against the beautiful collaborative behavior of nature itself.


"You Know How I Used to Do"

A loop that never repeats. A mournful saxophone floats along a bed of ambient chatter amid waxing and waning keyboards.

Black Bra

"Modern Feminist"

The Black Bra album is officially available today. Celebrate by enjoying this Dycee Wildman animated lyric video.

New Man

"Everything Slows Down" (Shut In Version)

Stuck inside? Why not record a new arrangement of a favored track from your previous release? New Man makes good with the time available.

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